Our Standards

As our Founder said, it is important to be the best - but it is even more important to be the best human being first. At MBIIS we keep alive the tradition, that academic and non-academic growth develop side by side, such that each ward is first a good human being, a conscientious citizen and thereafter a capable member of the workforce. Our standards thus, are high. But practical.


We’re serious about educating and teaching, but we also know know that life itself is an education

Studies, play, hands-on modules, co-scholastics, outdoor activities, real-world exposure - We do it all!

Subjects @ MBIIS

16 Subjects

All of them given the same importance.

Languages @ MBIIS

4 Languages

Languages are the the bedrock of civilisation, and humanity.

Life Skills @ MBIIS

19 Life-Skills platforms

From Karate to Kathak - there's every discipline to be mastered.

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How We Educate

Values are vital to Manava Bharati. Hence we embody them too.

Babuji spent his live, following his belief that children need to be educated right, for them to be conscientious individuals. Our method of education is an embodiment of Babuji's vision.