How We Educate

With Love, Planning and Mindfulness

We teach in ways that reflects the school’s philosophy while delivering an effective and thought-provoking curriculum. Most importantly, we ensure a positive, supportive and caring environment where students’ are encouraged to pursue perfection, yet all their efforts are acknowledged.

Our Teaching Methodology

Given our heritage, MBIIS' approach yields a values-based education, rather just a transfer of theoretical knowledge.


We develop our students and staff to become productive members of society - first by being skilled and capable, respecting and being sensitive of others and nurturing Mother Earth and the treasures she offers. Understanding, accepting and respecting the differences amongst each other is the bedrock of MBIIS character.


We encourage the students to wonder, explore, innovate, take measured risks in their exploration of knowledge and literature - thus developing new minds and allowing them to fester their own ideas.

The World Is A Classroom

Numerous curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are interwoven in our curriculum for students to challenge theories as well as themselves, channel their creativity and showcase their individuality.


We partner with parents and build collaborative relationships to co-create a dynamic learning environment for children. This enables them to grow into spiritually-oriented citizens of character and encourages them to continually strive for excellence in every aspect of life.

Imbibing Leadership

Our curriculum focuses on “Leadership Through Collaboration”. The skill is developed through creative projects and social service initiatives, exposing the students to diverse committees and communities. Amongst others, we focus students' energies to seeking solutions for concerns plaguing the environment around them.