Master Chef - A Prefect Salad

Editor -Uditayan20-Aug-2019

"Fruit is Nature's Candy"

Salad forms a very important part of our daily diet. To explain the same, kids of Pre-School and Pre-Primary had a “Fruit Salad Party” in class. It was a fun filled day where the children brought yummy fruits from home. The excitement in showing their teacher the fruit they love the best brought out a lot of enthusiasm to take part in this activity.  They all helped the teacher in preparing the fruit salad. Kids relished their bowl of salad and asked for second helpings too. This activity helped children learn about different fruits their texture and taste. A day well spent indeed. 

Hum Hindustani

Editor -Uditayan15-Aug-2019

Puppet Show - The Monkey Puzzle

Editor -Uditayan13-Aug-2018

by- Julia Donaldson

From time immemorial puppetry has proven itself to be a powerful medium of storytelling which not only leaves an impact on children but also strengthens their language skills.

A Puppet Show was organized by the teachers on 13 August 2018 for the children of Uditayan & Class I. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson, unfolding before them. They were excited to watch their favourite characters come alive. The teachers engrossed the children with their hand made puppets through voice modulation, beats and sounds. The narrator encouraged all to be a part of the story. It was a joyful learning experience.