Did somesone say POOL

Editor -Uditayan06-May-2019

Water play is an inevitable part of growing up! The little ones of Pre-School and Pre-Primary beat the heat by splashing  in the cool water of our splash-pool. Jumping around, splashing water and playing with one another in their colorful swimwear were highlights of this fun filled activity.

Umbrella Day

Editor -Uditayan03-Aug-2018

"when it rains, I share my umbrella, if I have no umbrella, I share the rain"

Races are a fun way for kids to run off extra energy. Races require coordination, teamwork, and ability to follow instructions in addition to speed, which makes them a good way to impart these skills to young children. A rainy day is always a fun-time for the kids if it is celebrated in school. Keeping these in mind an Umbrella race was organized for the kids of Pre -School . Children brought colourful umbrellas and all of them enthusiastically participated in this race and had a very good time

Zoologica - Annual Showcase 2018-19

Editor -Uditayan01-Mar-2019

We celebrated our Annual Showcase based on the theme - ‘Zoologica’ . The program started with the lighting of the lamp followed by Ganesh Vandana. The dazzling display of dances by children dressed up in different animals kept the audience mesmerised. A truly splendid grand finale brought together all the performers of   Pre-School and Pre-Primary dancing to the tune of the song ‘ We are the world ’.