Nurturing Happy Preschoolers: Dr. Kavita Arora's Expert Tips for Parents

Editor | 03-Apr-2023

'"You are off to great places .Today is your first day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way". Dr Seuss

Excitement and anticipation filled the air at Manava Bharati India International School as parents of preschoolers gathered in the auditorium for a special orientation session conducted by the renowned child psychiatrist, Dr. Kavita Arora, from Children First. With years of experience in child psychology, Dr. Arora shared invaluable insights and practical suggestions to help parents navigate the challenges that may arise when their little ones attend school for the first time. The session aimed to equip parents with the tools to create a positive and supportive environment for their children during this important transition. The orientation concluded with an interactive Q&A session, providing parents an opportunity to seek personalized advice from Dr. Kavita Arora. Dr. Arora provided thoughtful responses and shared additional resources for parents to refer to when needed. Armed with practical strategies and expert advice, parents left the auditorium with a newfound confidence in supporting their child's journey through preschool.