Lets Learn Fruits and Vegetables

Editor -Uditayan04-May-2019

Experiential learning is, quite simply, learning through experience. These hands-on learning experiences are a great way to engage the minds and bodies of children and adults, alike. 

Kids who have not yet started reading,  experiential learning offers a way to learn, teach and transform our experiences by engaging in them.

Umbrella Day

Editor -Uditayan03-Aug-2018

"when it rains, I share my umbrella, if I have no umbrella, I share the rain"

Races are a fun way for kids to run off extra energy. Races require coordination, teamwork, and ability to follow instructions in addition to speed, which makes them a good way to impart these skills to young children. A rainy day is always a fun-time for the kids if it is celebrated in school. Keeping these in mind an Umbrella race was organized for the kids of Pre -School . Children brought colourful umbrellas and all of them enthusiastically participated in this race and had a very good time

Vanamahotsava - Junior School

Editor -Uditayan31-Jul-2019

Vanamahotsava - Junior School

Trees have been serving humanity since time immemorial. The very existence of mankind would not have been possible without trees and plants. To mark the significance of trees and plants around us the children of Uditayan celebrated Vanmahotsav on 31 July 2019 with great enthusiasm and created awareness among students that our green friends have endowed us with so many gifts. The function started with Hindi song ‘Hari Hari Vasundhara’.. by our little ones of Pre-School. It was followed by a dance performance by the students of Pre-Primary at the end of the function children of class I led a procession of Gods, Goddesses and Vandevi who blessed the little saplings so that they grow to big trees amidst chanting of Vedic shlokas.