Super Cool Science Experiment!

Wonder Time

Editor -Uditayan06-Sep-2018

Science is a perfect subject to complement a child’s natural curiosity. Kids learn by doing. Hands-on science encourages the children to DO something – observe, ask questions, touch, smell, experiment. Critical thinking skills are enhanced during such science activities. Kids can ask the why, how, and what questions. Even better, they can help answer the questions themselves. Allowing children to really get into science gives them the chance to make discoveries on their own.... They can learn the scientific process along the way!

Keeping this in mind Science Day was organized for the kids of Pre-Primary and Pre-School on 30 August 2018 and 6 September 2018 respectively. Teachers of Pre-Primary showed simple model of water pump to explain the concept of ‘Air Pressure’. Teachers of Pre-School explained the concept of ‘Floating and Sinking’ through different objects. It was altogether an enriching experience for the children.

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